Elaine Grant Wesley
The Jordanaires
My first performance with The
Jordanaires was March 5, 1997.
We performed at Casino Magic in Bay St.
Louis, MS.
Since then I am honored to call these
fine gentleman my dearest friends and
Garry Wesley
with the Jordanaires
I have had the privilege of performing with the Jordanaires
for several years.
No performance is quite complete without them or their
incredible voices.
I have also had the honor of working with the man Elvis called
The Tennessee Thunder, Mr. DJ Fontana.
DJ and The Jordanaires also appeared in several of Elvis's
movies such as, GI Blues, King Creole, Jail house Rock.
I have also been honored to work with Joe Esposito who has
been our shows MC and talked with the fan's about his life as
road manager and friend to Elvis throughout his career.
These men  have been my teachers, my confidants, and my
And I am honored to know them.
The past few years I have also had the honor of performing
with the beautiful voices of The Sweet Inspirations and Ms.
Millie Kirkham.
They are beautiful in both voice and soul.
Garry With
Joe Esposito
Garry & Elaine Wesley
The Sweet Inspirations
Ms. Millie Kirkham
Elaine - Karen Fontana
DJ Fontana - Garry
Garry and Dick Grob
Head of Security for Elvis
Garry and Bill
(8 Time Kick Boxing
Champion )
Bill and Elvis were
Garry and Bill also
became friends
and enjoyed
working out
together when Bill
visited Mississippi.
Garry Wesley is one of the finest
performers we work with.
He is true to his craft and to the music he
" Elvis would be proud ".
Enjoy Garry while you have him, You'll
have him back.
             Ray Walker
    For The Jordanaires

I have worked with Garry Wesley often in
the past year's. He is one of the best
Tribute Artist's I have seen.
He looks good and has a fantastic voice.
Everyone who is lucky enough to see
him perform is amazed at the great
tribute he does.

           DJ Fontana
Garry & Bill Wallace
After a work out at Gor-Chor
Kung Fu Asian Arts Academy
in Mississippi.
Garry & Bill have maintained
a special friendship, And
enjoy the martial arts as well
as stories of Bill and Elvis'
work out 's together.
Bill said, " Elvis mastered his
martial arts well and was not
be taken lightly".
Garry - Jesse - Donny Edwards
               Garry & DJ Fontana
              Rockin E Jamboree
   ETA Hall Of Fame Award
           Memphis 2013